"Heart of the Matter"

    -Howard Wales-

Steve VanDewark is known as one of today's hottest drummers.  When not playing with Twanna and Blutopia, he keeps himself busy with various gigs and studio sessions.

He has sessioned with the likes of Howard Wales (organist on Sugar Loaf's "Green Eyed Lady" and The Grateful Dead's "Truckin' ") and adds his crisp syncopated rhythms to the expansive blues-rock sound of The Jeff Jolly Band

Steve found his love for percussion and drumming in his early years when he was introduced to the world of marching percussion. He was known as the "Beat Master".

Playing in various school band programs from elementary through high school, developed his overwhelming love for marching percussion.  This is very apparent as he adds just the right amount of percussive spice to any style of music.


April 11, 2006 Elk Grove, Ca.
Mr. Beat


Steve has worked diligently on building his own personal percussive reputation both live and in the studio.

Steve VanDewark is also a custom luxury home builder based in Vacaville, California. Currently without an internet presence, his new website will provide a convenient way to showcase his latest work, as well as reinforce his image as an upscale custom builder who specializes in large, intricate projects. This site is currently under construction while we anxiously await the unveiling of his latest build.

Click here to see Steve's custom home design.
Click here to see Steve's Architectural Elements and Fine Art Carvings.